>gettin hot and heavy w/ a girl

>she then tells me to talk dirty

>tell her that 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are stored in dirt

>she’s still turned on and now she knows a little more about mother earth

>copulate and educate

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Anonymous asked:

you said you wanted to know, so hi there. I'm a sophomore at your highschool. I have the hugest fucking crush on you. and I never say anything, because you have all these girls on here after you, why would you want me?

Kylieaj Answer:


The people that mostly want me live far away. I don’t even have a date to Homecoming at the moment, mostly because I can’t think of anyone who might say yes.


reasons why i stop replying: 

  1. i’m busy
  2. you’re boring
  3. i’m mad
  4. you replied with one word
  5. you asked for a pic

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Anonymous asked:

you could literally ask pretty much anyone to homecoming and theyd say yes

Kylieaj Answer:


I really doubt it